Stuart community frustrated with nude neighbor, deputies step in

Stuart community frustrated with nude neighbor, deputies step in (WPEC)

Naked and not afraid.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said his deputies have visited one home in North River Shores a few times after they've received a minimum of six complaints about a neighbor being naked outside. However, Sheriff Snyder said there was nothing they could do since he was naked on his own property.

"It doesn’t make any sense to me. If you’re able to be viewed by the world, it’s indecent," said Melissa Ny. She lives two houses down from the man she said walks outside naked. She even snapped a few pictures to prove it. She said he waters his plants, works on his car and is just always naked.

Ny has lived in this neighborhood for about four years. She said her neighbor has lived in the neighborhood for about as long as she has, but him and his wife used to keep their nudist tendencies indoors.

"This summer has been constant in your face all the time," said Ny. She said she's concerned for the children in her neighborhood, like her 16-year-old daughter who has to walk past this man's house on the way to the bus stop. She said her daughter has seen him naked several times.

"No body wants their children exposed to that. It’s inappropriate. Even if it’s harmless it’s still inappropriate," said Ny.

She was disappointed deputies said they couldn't do anything but Wednesday Sheriff Snyder said they found some new information. Sheriff Snyder said deputies and attorneys spent the day looking deeper into this case. They were checking on two state statutes, where the law was a little unclear, but Sheriff Snyder said he's confident they can take action.

"We're going to warn the suspects in this case, but if they go out in their yard again undressed we’re going to apply for a warrant and have them arrested," said Sheriff Snyder.

CBS12 tried talking with this man, but he didn't answer when we knocked on his door.

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