T.S. Don Done & Stormy Weather Locally

Don Remnants.JPG

In the tropics, Tropical Storm Don has dissipated this Tuesday night. It is located over the southern Lesser Antilles near Grenada and moving west quickly at 25 mph. The storm will continue to weaken as it encounters strong wind shear in the next 1-2 days. It will have no impact on South Florida.

Locally another few stormy afternoons are on tap. Rich moisture lingers overhead and a weak front is stalling in north Florida. This will make for above normal rain chances. Each day with start hot sun. Storms will develop and become numerous during the afternoons and fade out each evening. Saturday will still have some scattered storms, but drier air should make for a sunnier Sunday with less rain coverage.

Check back for further updates!

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Jeff Berardelli/CBS12 Severe Weather Expert

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