'Step in the right direction' says Superintendent Avossa of teacher raises

'Step in the right direction' says Superintendent Avossa of teacher raises. (WPEC)

More of your taxpayer dollars will be in the pockets of men and women who shape our children’s future in Palm Beach County. Wednesday, public school teachers in Palm Beach County learned they could soon be getting a raise.

After several months of tense negotiations, The Classroom Teachers Association and The Palm Beach County School District reached a tentative agreement to raise teachers’ salaries.

“This a step in the right direction and I am really proud of the work that we have done tonight, it sends a good message to the community that we value our teachers,” said Superintendent, Doctor Robert Avossa.

Teacher’s salaries would jump up an average of 3.2%. Top ranked (highly effective) teachers would earn a 3.5% increase plus a $1,200 bonus. 2nd ranked (effective) teachers receive a 2.75% increase plus an $800 bonus.

“The raw dollars are good and they are better than we have seen in memory,” said President of the teachers’ union, Justin Katz.

It’s been nine months of offers, rejections and counter offers until the teachers’ union accepted the deal Wednesday night. It’ll cost the district over 23 million dollars for its 12,000 teachers.

“It means a lot to teachers I think to see the district put their money where their mouth is,” said Katz.

The proposed raise is one of the highest for Florida Public schools this year. Before this raise is finalized, teachers and the school board need to approve it. The proposed raise is retroactive from July so teachers would see a boost in their paychecks immediately.

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