State releases redacted report on bridge inspection

A section of the U.S. 1 bridge in North Palm Beach collapsed. (WPEC)

CBS12 Investigates is continuing to search for answers into how and why a section of the US 1 bridge in North Palm Beach suddenly collapsed.

Crews are still working on the bridge after a contractor removed the remaining sidewalks and pedestrian barrier walls over the weekend. It's the same sidewalk and barrier wall that recently crashed into the water below.

The Village of North Palm Beach blames the failure on 2 broken post-tension cables. Sky Team 12 shot exclusive drone video right after the 90,000-pound section of the bridge collapsed.

Hoping to learn more about the bridge and its integrity, CBS12 requested its latest inspection report from the Florida Department of Transportation. The state finally agreed to turn it over after first denying our request citing public records law. We received it 8 days later and most of the information contained in the November 2015 report is redacted.

CBS12 shared it with Florida Atlantic University Engineering Professor Madasamy Arockiasamy to learn if those tension cables had ever been inspected. “I don’t see anywhere in the report about post tension cables,” We asked him if it could it have been redacted? “That’s anybody’s guess,” he said.

CBS12 Investigates reached out to the Florida Department of Transportation to learn what’s next for the 61-year-old bridge. We learned the DOT is still evaluating the next steps. Those include putting the bridge work in a five-year work program. We asked the DOT if that means it could take five years but they couldn’t give us a time frame, saying the project will have to go through a process, including identifying construction funding paid for by taxpayers.

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