St. Lucie schools get ready for peak of flu season

Schools in St. Lucie County prepare to fight the flu. (WPEC)

The first day of February marks the first day of peak flu season in South Florida. To prepare, local school districts are partnering with the Florida Health Department to keep students safe.

School districts like St. Lucie County already have a plan in place to prevent the virus from spreading. Typically, health aides report back to the health department every Friday about any flu-like symptoms they come across. Right now, they do so every single day.

The spokesperson with the St. Lucie Health Department, Arlease Hall, explained this year, “We’re doing more. We’re doing more. We’re doing things differently."

The St. Lucie School District sent CBS12 this statement:

St. Lucie Public Schools (SLPS) is proud of its close partnership with the Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County. Using information provided to us from our Health Department partners, we are pushing out our core and united campaign to share information, tools and resources with parents and students about flu prevention and healthy habits.

Information is available at school sites, through social media, via robo-calls, on our homepage, and on our education channel in an effort to support a unified community message.

Additional Measures of Prevention:

Prior to the winter break, SLPS worked with Healthy Schools to provide opportunities for students and staff to be vaccinated during the school day.

Maintenance and facilities teams are using hospital grade disinfectant to clean with a laser focus on touch-point areas such as table-tops, door handles, water fountains, and the like."

However, that doesn’t mean some germs won’t slip through the cracks. Chloe Palmer is a Port St. Lucie mother of three who’s entire household is home with the flu. “Headache, fever, nausea, chills, coughing, stuffy nose," Palmer shared. “It’s bad."

Palmer says her youngest son Ethan brought the bug home from school. He attends Savanna Ridge Elementary. “My son was diagnosed with Influenza A." Palmer went on, “And then my daughter, and then my other son Marcus."

Ethan was rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance Friday with a 103-degree fever. Fortunately, after missing a week of school, Ethan and his two siblings are recovering.

Right now, the Florida Health Department website shows less than five reported flu cases in St. Lucie County, but the peak of the season begins now.

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