"Did not murder her son:"Letter defends woman accused of killing her son decades ago

South Florida woman accused of murdering son more than three decades ago (WPEC)

A South Florida woman is accused of murdering her son more than three decades after he disappeared.

The cold case dates back to 1986 and originated in Nevada where the three-year-old boy went missing.

CBS12 News spoke to a few of Amy Fleming’s neighbors who said she kept to herself and didn’t talk to anyone in the neighborhood.

Neighbors have only seen Fleming come in and out of a Dania Beach duplex , where she lived with her husband.

Posted on the front door of her Dania Beach duplex is this handwritten letter.

It reads in part “my wife did not murder her son.”

The letter is signed by a man named Lee, possibly the husband of accused murderer 60-year-old Fleming.

Fleming used to go by Amy Luster back in 1986 when she lived in Nevada.

That’s where police said her three-year-old son Francillion Pierre, nicknamed YoYo, went missing.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website has two pictures of YoYo.

One from before he went missing and another one predicting what he would have look like at 29-years-old.

Investigators said on Aug. 2, 1986, Fleming and Lee told them they took the boy to the Broad Acres Swap Meet and lost track of him.

The disappearance happened while Fleming and her husband were awaiting trial for child abuse charges.

Just one year after Yoyo went missing, the couple moved to Florida and started a new life.

After almost 33 years, Fleming’s path is now uncertain as she sits in a Nevada jail.

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