Simple solution for dangerous headlight issue


Floridians know the damage sun and heat can do to headlights.

The exposure makes them clouded or yellow, and as headlights get older, the light emitted from them fades.

“So many vehicles have these cloudy or yellow headlights, so many people don’t think it can impact their driving,” said Doug Shupe, spokesperson for AAA.

A study by AAA found cloudy or yellow headlights generate about 20 percent of the light new headlights do.

“That visibility is key to prevent a collision out there on the roadway that could forever change someone’s life,” Shupe said.

The most effective solution is to replace old headlights with new ones, but that can cost hundreds of dollars. Another option is a do-it-yourself kit, which can restore the original lights to about 70 percent. AAA used one on a test car that sells for about $10.

The kit helps you scrub away the oxidation, polish the light and add a protective layer to the headlight.

Experts say lights need to be checked regularly because damage can start in just three to five years.

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