‘Sick to my stomach’: Video shows thief targeting owner of security company

Video shows thieves targeting owner of a security company. (WPEC)

Violated in their own home!

The owner of a security company targeted by a suspected crook, in his quiet seaside community.

This goes to show if he can become a victim anyone can. Tonight, his warning for you:

Don’t get caught up in a false sense of security behind the gates of your neighborhood.

But even a gate can’t keep the bad guys out.

“A little sick to my stomach, knowing that I’m in the business and this happened to me,” said Kevin Johnson.

Kevin Johnson owns a security company. It’s his job to make people feel safe. But what happened to him last week makes him feel sick.

Kevin and his daughter 18-year-old Elle are still stunned watching this surveillance video.

“I’m grossed out, I got my car washed, just because his fingers were all over my car,” Elle said.

In the video, you can see the man rummaging through items inside a black car…before searching the other white cars on the far right.

Kevin says the crook took some mail... And his daughter’s wallet - filled with credit cards, cash and her identification.

“they used her date of birth as her pin number, so they knew right away. It took them three attempts. They were in her bank accounts. Within 30 minutes, they were at a Wells Fargo, and from there they went to a Chase Bank,” he said.

Kevin says his daughter lost at least $3,000 of her hard-earned money.

“we didn’t know we were burglarized until the credit card companies called and said there were fraudulent charges on cards,” said Kevin.

Elle Johnson felt helpless while on the phone with credit card companies.

“knowing that he has my information, my ID, it’s kind of disturbing,” she said.

Kevin says the cars were unlocked because of how safe the neighborhood normally is. He feels a sense of security in his ocean side neighborhood is gone for now – until the person responsible is caught.

“You always feel safe, but you can never be too safe, so I encourage people to lock their doors. Car, home doors. And be tight on security,” he said.

Kevin says least three other people’s cars were hit, they believe by this same man. He says jupiter police is investigating.

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