Siblings respond to family of brother, hit-and-run victim

Siblings respond to family of brother, hit-and-run victim. (WPEC)

Police said Wednesday they are scouring motor vehicle records, and alerting body shops, to find the hit-and-run driver, who left a man dead, his wife badly injured, in downtown West Palm Beach.

“It’s still unreal that he’s gone,” sobbed Jennifer Ordiway, who along with sister Kelly Noble, each traveled more than 1,000 miles to be with their brother’s widow in the hospital.

Ordiway said it’s all she can do to get out of bed, since her brother Paul McKee was killed Sunday night.

“He always helped out his friends, his family, anybody who needed something, and he was always there,” said Noble.

Describe their brother in one word?

“Hysterical,” responded Ordiway and Noble, in unison.

“We all had so much fun with him,” said Ordiway.

“We’d all get together and feed off each other,” said Noble, who finished her thought with sobs.

McKee was in town with his wife and 12-year old son, for business and vacation. McKee and his wife were crossing Quadrille Boulevard at Hibiscus Street, when police say a driver hit the couple and kept on going.

McKee was killed at the crosswalk, his wife rushed to the hospital.

Ordiway said her sister-in-law is in pain, but recovering. The family, she said, is paying extra attention to McKee’s 12-year old son, who’s now left without a father.

“He’s doing okay right now, but everybody’s keeping him busy,” said Ordiway.

And, McKee will miss the birth of his first grandchild. Back in Tennessee, McKee’s 23-year old daughter is due in February.

“So his daughter is just, I mean, almost inconsolable,” said Ordiway.

Because of parts found at the scene, and information from witnesses, police know they are searching for a light-colored Mazda Tribute, probably from 2007.

Police told CBS12 investigators are pulling motor vehicle records, looking for matches, potentially visiting people’s homes. They’re also reaching out to local body shops to see if similar SUV’s with damage have come in.

“It could be your family, it could be someone else’s family,” said Ordiway. “We don’t want anybody to go through what we’re going through. We’d never wish that on anybody.”

Witnesses describe the driver as a middle-aged African American woman with short, possibly curly hair.

Police say the public has responded to the crash with a number of tips, but so far they have yet to make any connections.

If you know anything, call West Palm Beach Police at (561) 822-1900.

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