5 killed, 6 hurt in shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport

Five people are dead, six more shot, and nearly 40 injured following a mass shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The FBI says the gunman, identified 26-year-old Esteban Santiago, got off a plane from a Delta flight from Minneapolis. In the baggage claim area at Terminal 2, the suspect then retrieved a semi-automatic gun from his bag and began shooting, according to Sheriff Scott Israel said.

The accused gunman was not injured, and was immediately taken into custody. He has been extensively interviewed by FBI and Broward County deputies.

Santiago will be charged federally and should face a judge on Monday.

FBI special agent George Piro says they have not ruled out terrorism, and looking into other states including Alaska where Santiago traveled and, or had connections to.

Feds did confirm the gunman is in the U.S. Military and is a U.S. citizen. But could not confirm if it was the U.S. Army.

The FBI says Esteben Santiago voluntarily walked into their office in Anchorage in November. Feds say Santiago clearly stated he did not intend to harm anyone, but his erratic behavior concerned agents.

Local police were contacted and he was then turned over to them. Santiago was taken into custody and transported to medical facility for mental health evaluation.

FBI looked at his contacts and into agency investigations and did their into agency checks and at that point they closed their assessment, according to Agent Piro.

Agent Piro says they are not ruling out terrorism in Friday's attack, and it is still too early to say why the shooter traveled to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

FLL has set up a hotline for people trying to reach and locate friends and relatives. The hotline number is 866-435-9355.

Broward County officials said Family Assistance Center has been established at the Renaissance Hotel, located at 1617 S.E. 17th St., in Fort Lauderdale, for stranded passengers who have nowhere else to go. The telephone number of the hotel is 954-626-1700.

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