'She's a fighter:' Family friend speaks about 3-year-old shot in road rage incident

'She's a fighter:' Family friend speaks about 3-year-old shot in road rage incident (WPEC)

"She was laughing wanting to be tickled," said Kristin Hall as she looked at a video of her playing with Preslie.

Preslie is the three-year-old girl who was shot in the head during a road rage incident on Sunday morning in Port St. Lucie. She's in in critical condition and a medically induced coma.

"She's holding her own right now," Hall said. "She's a fighter. She's a strong little girl."

Hall is a family friend of Preslie and her parents. She's been babysitting Preslie for the last four months.

"Me and Preslie have gotten close and she’s really close with my girls," Hall said.

She put together the GoFundMe account.

"I just didn’t think Preslie's mom should have to worry about funds right now. She’s obviously not going to be able to go back to work for a long time. We don’t know what kind of obstacles Preslie is going to have in the future that insurance may not cover and it’s just an added stress," Hall said.

While Preslie's mother stays with her at the hospital, Preslie's brother is staying with his grandmother.

"Brae Brae, do you love me," Preslie said in a video Hall showed CBS12.

"That was supposed to be KiKi, do you love me?" Hall responded.

But she put her brothers name in it and said, "Brae, Brae do you love me?"

Braeden is Preslie's seven-year-old brother. He was sitting in the backseat of the truck next to Preslie when she was shot but he wasn't hurt.

Port St. Lucie police are still looking for the person responsible. They are looking for a black four-door sedan, possibly a BMW with damage to the side and a front fender blinker. If you know anything, call Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers at 800-273-8477. There is now more than a $5,000 dollar reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest.

"Somebody somewhere has heard knows something and we just really want the community to speak out," Hall said, adding that Preslie's family and friends are very overwhelmed by the love and support from the community.

"Through such evil that happened. The goodness of people comes out on a time like this," Hall said. "A little bit of a light in a dark situation that so many people out there want to help and love her and care what happened to her. She truly is a special girl and deserves all the help she can get."

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