Serial stalker's last note: Local teen finds out she was stalked for years

Serial stalker's last note: Local teen finds out she was stalked for years (WPEC)

A bizarre case out of Pennsylvania has been linked to 29 states across the nation and two other countries, including Florida.

Investigators said one of the girls he was stalking online lives in Martin County.

That woman didn’t want to be identified and didn’t want to say anything in regards to this situation.

Deputies said this young woman was stalked for seven years and she found out through a disturbing letter.

Detective Anthony Blachowski with the Martin County Sheriff’s Office said the young woman’s mother got a letter addressed to her 19-year-old daughter that had a graphic note inside and a collage of pictures of her daughter. The letter was from Joseph Polin from Pennsylvania.

Blachowski said Polin had been stalking the teen for seven years, since she was just 12 years old.

“It’s very disturbing it makes you think and makes you wonder what kind of people are really in the world,” Blachowski said.

In the graphic letter, Polin expressed his love for her and what he wanted to do with her. He even said, “Don’t make me regret not snatching you seven years ago and tossing you in my truck for sex later.”

Blachowsi said this situation could have been much more.

"He very easily could have traveled 1,200 miles from Pennsylvania, came down here and kidnapped a victim or stalked her in person," he said.

But Polin waited to reach out until she was over 18.

On April 9, the same day he mailed the letter, he killed himself after a stand-off with police in his Pennsylvania home. Police in Pennsylvania had gone to his home to investigate a social media threat, but that visit turned into a five hour stand-off.

“Obviously this individual was searching the internet for victims,” Blachowski said.

Blachowski said this is a classic case of why people, especially young people, should be aware of what they post on social media and to always keep your settings on private.

“There are other people like this out there,” he said.

Investigators believe there are other letters out there, so if you’ve received a similar letter from Polin or anyone else, call your local law enforcement.

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