Sentence for Tyler Hadley overturned in hammer killings of parents


There's been a new development in the high-profile murder case involving Tyler Hadley.

He's the Port St. Lucie teen who admitted to killing his parents, 54-year-old Blake Hadley, and 47-year-old Mary Jo Hadley, with a hammer in 2014.

Hadley, 17 at the time, hid their bodies in a bedroom and threw a house party.

The Fourth District Court of Appeals overturned his double life sentence without parole.

The court ruled the judge in the case "did not consider the correct alternative to a life sentence."

The Supreme Court issued a ruling in 2012 that banned mandatory life prison terms for teens convicted of murder.

Hadley, now 22, will go back to court to be re-sentenced where he could receive a lesser sentence. He's currently serving time at Okeechobee Correctional Institution.

A new sentencing date has not been set.

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