Security, patient privacy a priority at Lake Worth marijuana dispensary

Security, patient privacy a priority at Lake Worth marijuana dispensary (WPEC)

Lake Worth is officially the home of the first medical marijuana dispensary in Palm Beach County.

The dispensary is on the corner of Lake Avenue and Dixie Highway, right across the street from City Hall.

This is also the fifth medical marijuana dispensary in the state owned by Knox Medical.

Patient privacy and security is a priority at the dispensary, according to the owners.

"There is not a blind spot in this entire place," Knox Medical CEO Jose Javier Hidelgo said.

State of the art security measures are wrapped around the 2,000 square-foot Knox Medical building.

Employees are heavily vetted with a level two background check and dark glass surrounds the building for patient privacy.

"It isn't a requirement," Hidalgo said. "However, in the end, I think the patient feels safer when they come into an environment where they are looked after."

Upon arrival, patients are buzzed into the facility and greeted by an armed security guard in the lobby.

The patient must show their medical ID card. If they don't have one , they will be turned away.

There are also motion sensors throughout the store and a total of 16 surveillance cameras, including five outside tracking patients' every move 24 hours a day.

" We want to make sure the patients feel safe," Hidalgo said. "We want to make sure they feel the staff is trained and the medicines will be the ones that treat their condition."

Owners would not provide a price tag for the cost of security measures, but did say it is a necessary investment.

Doors of the shop open Tuesday at noon until 6 p.m. The store will be open seven days a week.

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