Security camera installer charged with video voyeurism

James West is facing three counts of video voyeurism after authorities say he set up hidden cameras in bedrooms and the bathroom of a woman's home. (Seminole County Sheriff's Office)

A man who installs security systems for a living is accused of setting up hidden cameras in a home and recording hundreds of videos of women in the shower.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office arrested 49-year-old James Ronald West on three counts of video voyeurism.

The investigation began last month when a woman found a pin-hole sized camera hanging from her television in her bedroom. The woman lived in the home with her sister and their mother.

When confronted about the camera, West said he never saw it before and asked the mother if she had found any more around the home. According to the arrest report, the mother searched her other daughter's room and found a similar camera on the television, facing outwards.

Just last week, the woman found a third camera in a hall bathroom. The sheriff's office said the SD card attached to the camera contained hundreds of one-minute video clips showing all three women using the shower.

Investigators said a forensics team recovered an additional video on an SD card from one of the bedroom cameras. It showed a man setting up a camera in one of the bedrooms. The victim identified the man as West, a former roommate and ex-boyfriend of a former resident of the home. West moved out of the home in February.

The sheriff's office is asking people who have had West in their home to give them a call at 407-665-6650.

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