Schools set to pay teachers more, hire police officers, counselors

Proposed changes for Palm Beach County Schools include pay raises for teachers and increased school safety. (WPEC)

Tighter security, more than 100 additional police officers and mental health front and center; those are just some of the proposed changes that could soon be coming to Palm Beach County schools.

At a workshop Wednesday, school board members discussed in detail how the tax dollars would be spent.

The money was generated through the tax increase that voters approved in November.

Under the proposed budget, the district would hire 110 police officers and 40 psychologists that would go school-to-school as needed.

Every middle school would also have three guidance counselors.

A school board member told our news partners at the Sun Sentinel that the huge spike in hires is uncharted territory.

School safety is another huge part of the proposed changes.

The plan includes giving schools extra money to provide security for special events.

Middle school functions would get $9,000 more compared to last year; high school functions would get $14,000 more.

The money generated through the tax revenue would also pay for teacher raises.

District officials say the salary boost would vary depending on how many years of experience the teacher had.

For example, a teacher with 10 years of experience would get a raise of $10,000 over four years.

School board members will meet again February 14th to discuss the budget proposal.

It must still get approved.

The proposed changes come nearly one year after 17 teachers and students were killed in the Parkland school shooting.

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