School district considering arming teachers following Parkland shooting

School district considering arming teachers following Parkland shooting. (WPEC)

While school districts across the country take a closer look at their school safety plans following the Parkland school shooting, at least one small district—Genoa Central School District in Miller County, Arkansas —is considering deputizing some faculty members.

CBS 12’s Rosie Woods got the exclusive interview with the school district’s superintendent and one of the staff members ready and willing to be trained to serve.

Lisa Posey, an Instructional Technology Teacher for the school district, told us she already has a concealed carry license and she feels completely comfortable with this proposal.

“This to me is no different than anything else my superintendent might ask me to do. Safety is the number one issue for our students and I am not in a classroom working on instruction all the time, as a teacher would be, and it would be fine by me,” Posey said.

The deputizing program is still in the beginning stages but we’ve learned it has a few similarities to the gun reform law just signed by Governor Rick Scott.

Teachers in Arkansas will go through about 130-hours of training with the local sheriffs department, similar to Florida's new law. Full time classroom teachers are also not being considered for either program.

“If someone walks in the school district, they don’t need to know who has the weapon. They just need to be surprised when somebody walks around the corner to put a stop to whatever is going on,” Posey said.

After this voluntary training, the Genoa Central school district teachers and staff would essentially become under cover cops at school. And that’s something their superintendent, Angie Bryant, says she wants.

“My goal would be, my vision would be, that we actually have something in place by next school year,” Bryant said.

There was no opposition to this potential program at a School Board meeting Monday night in Miller County, Arkansas.

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