School bus crash on I-95 in Lake Worth

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating a school bus crash with several other vehicles. (WPEC)

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating a crash involving a school bus and several other cars on Interstate 95.

The crash involves four cars in the northbound lanes of the highway, right before the 10th Avenue exit.

Investigators said the driver of a white Honda tried to exit the highway from the center lane. The driver hit a yellow van. The Honda flew across the exit lanes when a white pickup truck slammed into it. The Honda careened off the wall and back into oncoming traffic when the bus crashed into it.

The Florida Highway Patrol says there are no injuries.

The 10th Avenue exit ramp is blocked along with two lanes on the highway.

Authorities ticketed the driver of the white Honda for improper lane change.

The students were on their way to Bak Middle School.

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