School Board member opposes arming teachers

School Board member opposes arming teachers. (WPEC)

A Palm Beach County School Board member says arming teachers and staff with guns is not the answer.

Karen Brill believes there are other ways to increase school safety without putting guns on campuses.

“Arming teachers and non-instructional personnel is crazy,” Brill said.

A clear and bold statement.

Palm Beach County School Board Member Brill stood before a large crowd at a gun safety town hall and voiced her stance on arming specific teachers and staff with guns.

“My daughter is a teacher. She said to me, mom I don’t have enough pencils and copy papers to last a week and you are going to tell me they are going to give me a gun and a vest,” Brill said.

The Palm Beach County School District Police Chief agrees.

“We don’t believe in arming teachers because teachers should be teachers and law enforcement officers should be law enforcement officers,” said Chief Lawrence Leon.

These statements come just days after Governor Rick Scott signed the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act.

The bill includes a voluntary “guardian” program to arm certain school staff members who complete 132 hours of firearm-safety training and pass other evaluations.

Individuals who exclusively perform classroom duties, like teachers, are excluded from participating in the program.

Brill feels there are other alternatives.

“We cannot be arming personnel we need to get funding for guidance counselors, school psychologist, social workers,” Brill said.

School districts that do not want to participate will have the opportunity to opt out.

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