Saving by shaving raises $5M

Saving by shaving. (WPEC)

Men of all ages shaved their heads Thursday morning in downtown West Palm Beach! And they raised over $5 million in the process!

CBS 12’s Rosie Woods was there as the head shaving began. One participant, Tyler Brookman, had never shaved his head or beard before. But he decided to go completely bare for this cause.

“I don’t know what I’m going to look like!” Brookman said.

Granite Telecommunications announced that it has given $5 million to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute through its 4th Annual Saving by Shaving event nationwide.

Granite’s event started three years ago when Rob Hale made a lighthearted proposition to a member of his team who was sporting a ZZ Top-style beard, promising to donate $1,000 to Dana-Farber if he shaved his beard. What Hale did not anticipate was the outpouring of support from Granite teammates asking for the same opportunity to trade their hair to help battle cancer. Weeks later, over 400 Granite teammates shaved their heads or beards and donated hair to Locks of Love, raising more than $2.2 million for Dana- Farber in the first year of the event.

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