Rough seas close Lake Worth Pier

CBS12 reporter Chuck Weber is in Lake Worth where city leaders closed the pier due to bad weather. (WPEC)

The waves got so big on Wednesday, the City of Lake Worth had to close its landmark fishing pier.

"I got a notification on my phone this morning saying that it did close," said surfer Frank Roper, who added it was a bit of surprise.

"Usually it's for an actual hurricane, direct hit or something," said Roper.

City representatives said the pier closure is all about safety.

"We had waves coming over the railing," said Assistant Public Services Director Felipe Lofaso.

"The railing is 42 inches tall when you're standing on the pier," said Lofaso. "So you can imagine the waves were easily 12 foot."

Lofaso said other factors in the closure decision were the 40-mile an hour wind gusts, and some of the pier's planks had already started popping out, another potential hazard.

The planks are designed to pop out when the waves get too high.

"They weigh about 200 pounds each," Lofaso explained. "They're probably four feet by three feet wide.

"So they're very large pieces of wood, and when those pop up, it's due to tremendous surf," said Lofaso.

Last time the City closed the pier was just a couple weeks ago, during and after Hurricane Irma.

The Public Services department said it actually had to close the pier a couple times last year for non-hurricane related weather.

The pier is closed until further notice, at least through Thursday.

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