Robber armed with cattle prod scuffles with store clerk

Robber armed with cattle prod scuffles with store clerk. (FPPD

A robber, armed with an electric cattle prod, attacks and shocks a convenience store clerk in Ft. Pierce.

The clerk put up quite a fight, and it was all caught on surveillance video.

The victim in this case is more than twice as old as the attacker.

But the victim refused to give up the money in the cash register without a fight.

It started like a normal transaction. But it quickly turned into an all-out brawl in a convenience store in Ft. Pierce. It happened at the Citgo Gas Station at 4101 Okeechobee Road.

The alleged robber, Middleton Henderson, 21, a homeless man, reached over the counter and shocked the clerk with an electric cattle prod.

Then Henderson stepped up on top of the counter, and began scuffling with the store clerk. Both of them pushing and shoving.

Based on what we see in the video, the clerk, Shah Deepak, 52, was not about to become a helpless victim.

Surveillance video shows Henderson grabs Deepak by the shirt, pulling him over the counter and onto the floor where the struggle continues.

Shah tries to defend himself as Henderson punches and kicks him and shocks him several times with the cattle prod. Once he subdues the store clerk, Henderson goes over the counter and scoops the cash out of the cash register.

He scrambles over the counter with a fistful of cash, and he appears to say something to the dazed store clerk who is still down on the floor, obviously hurting.

Henderson then climbs back over the counter again, and you can see the store clerk gets to his feet and closes the drawer to the cash register, which has basically been cleaned out.

Henderson heads for the exit, but it appears Deepak is not willing to let him leave the store without a fight. And the two begin scuffling again near the front door.

Ft. Pierce Police later caught up with Henderson, who they say was hiding in an abandoned house. Henderson told police the plan was to shock the store clerk and stun him, giving himself enough time to grab the cash and leave.

According to the arrest report, he told detectives quote: “It didn’t go according to plan, the clerk fought back.” Police recovered the cattle prod on the floor behind the cash register.

Henderson is charged with robbery with a weapon and aggravated battery. Police say “a large sum of money” was found in Henderson’s pocket.

The victim, who’s resting at home, suffered injuries to his eye, hands and body and a bloody nose.

A Ft. Pierce Police spokesman said they don’t recommend that a victim should fight a crook, but they wouldn’t criticize him for it either.

He said everybody has to make that decision for themselves.

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