Riviera Beach residents plan recall over fired city manager

Riviera Beach residents plan recall over fired city manager. (WPEC)

Several Riviera residents are outraged. They claim their City Council fired the City Manager without a proper explanation in September. Now residents are rallying together to try to recall the three city council members that voted to have the manager fired.

Thursday dozens of people gathered at Jay’s Ministry in Riviera Beach to discuss the recall.

“This going to be one of the biggest moves we have done politically in Riviera Beach,” said Event Organizer, Amon Yisrael.

Attendees say the three city council members that voted to fire the city manager in September broke the law in the process. So, they came here to discuss the petition to recall those members on the grounds of misfeasance, malfeasance and neglect of duty.

“We’re are about to change our city, so don’t give up hope because of these bumps in the rode, this has to happen,” said one attendee.

Petitions were not signed, but logistics of collecting signatures was discussed.

“If each of you get 50 signatures out of your block, that’s 5,000 signatures,” said Yisrael. He wants to get, 5,000 signatures per council member, bringing the total to 15,000.

“When the leaders don’t want to do what the citizens say then they have selfish motives and that is not tolerable,” said Attendee Madelene Irving.

They are projecting to begin collecting signatures on Tuesday. CBS 12 reached out to the three council members they are trying to recall. One got back to us, Dawn Pardo. She says citizens have the right to recall elected officials, however her actions have always been appropriate.

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