Father died saving children from rip current in Jupiter

Rip current risk in Palm Beach County remains a concern. (WPEC)

Update: a father of three died on Monday at 2:53 p.m. after saving his children who got caught up in a rip current in Jupiter, according to a press release from the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office on Tuesday. He was identified as 46-year-old Nader Khalil.

Original Story:

Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue is warning anyone who plans to hit the beach Tuesday: use caution when swimming in the ocean due to the moderate rip current risk.

“People who come from areas that don’t have oceans, they don’t realize that the water movement is very deceptive,” explained Brian Bowen, Training Officer for Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue North Division, “they’ll go out a little bit too far. Next thing you know they’re getting pulled out and they cannot get back in.”

Even a moderate rip current risk can be troublesome.

A family visiting from Ohio learned this the hard way. Witnesses say a father swam out into the ocean to save his kids who were caught in a rip current.

A witness who lives in Jupiter, Stephen Nodine, said, “They were there for almost ten minutes trying to resuscitate him.”

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue responded to the 911 call. The area near Public Access 45 off Jupiter Key Road and A1A doesn’t have lifeguard supervision. That’s why PBCFR responded instead of Ocean Rescue, who had crews just about one mile away.

Nodine shared, “We should support Ocean Rescue and put more towers out here and protect the tourists and the people who live here.”

For now, the warning remains, always use caution when swimming in the ocean.

According to Bowen, “Do not go out too far, stay on your feet, only waist deep if you’re experiencing waves or rip currents, and swim near a lifeguard.”

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