Restaurant owner speaks after car crashes into restaurant

    Restaurant owner speaks after car crashes into restaurant. (PSLPD)

    “Craziest thing by far we’ve had happen,” said Osmany Estrada, owner of El Cubanito in Port St. Lucie.

    A car drove into his restaurant Sunday night. He said, “it flew through the rail. It took out the tables and chairs.”

    It happened just after 9 p.m., right after they closed up for the night. No customers were inside but there were five employees. Luckily, no one was hirt.

    Estrada explained how the car came through the window, broke several tables and chairs and even threw a table decoration into the wall. That table decoration is still stuck in the wall.

    When you walk inside, there are tire tracks on the floor and several tires damaged.

    All day on Monday, Estrada and his employees cleaned up glass and assessed the damage. He’s owned this family restaurant for the last 15 years.

    Estrada said this place means everything to him. He said, “this is our livelihood and livelihood for 17 employees. We’re a big family so we all work together.”

    Right now, they’re working to get back open.

    “We’re here to serve food, not be closed,” said Estrada. He added, “we’ll get it up and running that’s what we’re gonna work on now.”

    Monday afternoon, they bought plywood to temporarily board the restaurant until they can get the glass fixed. They are hoping to be back open on Wednesday.

    As for the driver, she was given a citation for careless driving. Port St. Lucie police said she accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake.

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