Photos show damage to Tiger Woods’ car

Radio transmissions between Jupiter Police officers during the arrest of Tiger Woods. Audio and images Courtesy: Jupiter Police Department.

Authorities have released the May 29 recordings of the radio calls between officers on the morning police arrested Tiger Woods on a charge of suspicion of DUI.

Several photos of that night were also released Wednesday. They show damage to the car and its tires.

In the recording, the Jupiter Police officer spots the golfer’s black Mercedes stopped on the right-hand lane.

Later it was learned that Woods was blocking the right-hand lane, his right turn signal was flashing, and both driver side wheels were flat.

Woods, the former number one golfer in the world, was asleep at the wheel.

The police officer wrote in his report that Woods blew a 0.00 in two breathalyzer tests, but had a hard time doing the field sobriety test.

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