Red tide is heading south

Red tide is heading south ( WPEC)

Red tide is on the move. Instead of heading north, it’s heading south.

Beaches from Indian River County to Hutchinson Island in St. Lucie County are closed. And dead fish are washing up on shore.

At Jetty Park in Fort Pierce, people are still out and about, fishing and jogging. There’s actually no tape preventing people from getting on the beach either.

But everyone can smell the rotting fish and fishermen like Cole Heiserman tell us they wouldn’t dare eat it.

“Oh definitely not. I think there definitely some major concerns. A gentleman just caught a net of mullet earlier this morning and put them in his bucket and within two minutes the mullet were dead as bate fish,” Heiserman said.

As the temperature cools down, we’re told the red tide could subside, but as of now the red tide is very serious and so is the smell of rotting fish.

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