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Puppy shot in Vero Beach; shooter not charged

Dog shot 2.JPG
Dog shot 2.JPG
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Daisy the puppy is still running and playing, even with a bullet still lodged inside of her.

Sharon Jenkins, Daisy’s owner, said the veterinarians recommended leaving the bullet in because the surgery to remove it is too risky.

So how did it get there?

Jenkins said her puppy somehow escaped from her fenced in backyard and had no idea she was gone or that she was shot until Daisy showed up on her doorstep.

“I opened up the door and she had blood all over her and I panicked,” she said.

Her neighbor, Bobby Parker, shot Daisy in the chest. He said he feared for his life when the dog ran onto his property.

However, the incident report states the shooting happened after Parker ran inside the home, got his gun and then came back outside.

“Why would he come back out if he felt threatened? Why wouldn’t you stay on the house?” Jenkins asked.

Parker said he came back out to see which way the dog was running before he called animal control.

Deputies recommended charges be filed against Parker.

“Parker then had the ability to contact emergency services and was in no immediate danger, instead Parker chose to reintroduce himself to the threat at which point he discharged a firearm recklessly," the responding deputy wrote in his report.

However, the State Attorney’s Office declined and said Parker didn’t have to retreat his own property and the shooting wasn’t reckless or negligent.

“It’s unfair," Jenkins said. "I just don’t want anybody to have to go through this. It shouldn’t happen."

Parker wasn’t charged, but Jenkins got a citation from Animal Control for Daisy getting out, which she took full responsibility for.

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