Puppy gets second chance at life after deputy found it in dumpster

Puppy gets second chance at life after deputy found it in dumpster. (WPEC)

Tossed like a piece of trash and left to die until a deputy came along.

“I’ve seen dogs tied to a tree, a door or something like that. But never something as bad as this,” said Charles Young, deputy with the Broward Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit.

Young found a 9-month-old German shepherd/beagle mix inside a dumpster Tuesday afternoon. He was driving near Hillsborough Boulevard in Deerfield Beach when he got a tip.

“When I found him in here, he was just huddled in the corner on top of the garbage, soaking wet,” Young said.

He said it will be difficult to find the person responsible because there was no surveillance video. The only lead they have is that the color of the driver’s car is either black or dark blue.

Young describes the person as cold-hearted.

“Somebody with no feelings, somebody I would not call a human being,” he said.

The puppy is now in the loving care of Tri-County Animal Rescue in Boca Raton. He’s a little underweight and is taking medication for hookworms after eating from the trash. But volunteers there said he’s already feeling better.

“He’s just a happy sweet dog, all he wanted to do was play," Young said. "He’d jump on me and give kisses and just be a happy dog."

The find is especially hard for Young, who has nine dogs, including his partner, K-9 Brady. He said there are many ways to surrender unwanted pets.

“If you can’t care for your dog, find someone who can take care of them," he said. "If you can’t, there’s shelters everywhere. Give them a better chance at life than sticking them in here."

Tri-County Animal Rescue named the 9-month-old puppy Oscar.

He will be ready for adoption in a few days.

For more information, call the shelter at 561-482-8110.

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