"Puerto Rico Remembers" attendees had a message for the president

"Puerto Rico Remembers" attendees had a message for the president (WPEC)

The "Puerto Rico Remembers" protest near Mar-a-Lago ended with a rally at Meyer Amphitheater in West Palm Beach.

People at the rally urged the president to allow FEMA to give more aid to Puerto Rico.

“We’re citizens of the United States and they’re not treating us like that,” says Jessica Sarosaeo.

Sarosaeo says ever since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, her island has been left in the dark.

She says they have made great strides in the capital San Juan.

But not so much on the outskirts of the island.

“You go to the central part of Puerto Rico, people still with no food, no supply, no water, no light!”

Blue tarps still cover thousands of damaged homes across the island in the year since Hurricane Maria touched down there.

“ Puerto Rico needs our help. And we’re not giving it to them. Not the way we should be,” says Pam Bergsma, a protester.

“I love Puerto Rico as the sister island that it is ,” says Mark Rodriguez, who is from Cuba.

But Rodriguez says the 14 billion that FEMA has spent on the island isn’t enough.

“It should’ve been handled with a lot more federal aid and a lot more coordination,” says Rodriguez.

The protesters out here today say their work is far from over.

They say the midterm elections will give them the chance to elect politicians who will push for more help for Puerto Rico.

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