PSL mom upset man unplugged and deflated bounce house with kids inside


A Port St. Lucie mother is terribly upset after she says someone pulled the plug and deflated a bounce house while kids were playing on it in her backyard.

The surveillance video capturing this at her daughter’s birthday party is now trending on social media.

The mother tells us that two kids were brought to the hospital, one for distress, the other to check for injuries after he had to be pulled out from under the heavy plastic.

Video taken shows the bounce house losing air, and collapsing, when over a dozen kids, ages 2 and 3, were playing on it.

"We were very nervous about the kids because it was extremely hot, and they were trapped inside the bounce house," mother Deborah Romero said.

Romero says parents rushed over to help.

"We couldn’t really reach for all the kids, and we unfortunately had to pull one of the kids by his leg," Romero said.

Deborah says a family member followed the cord from the bounce house, and noticed it was unplugged.

She says the family looked at surveillance and noticed an unknown man is his 60's walking over to look at the party.

Then he walks back and unplugs the bounce house, and walks back across the street.

A YouTube video was created calling the man a "bad neighbor."

A police spokesperson tells us they did canvas the area and knock on doors, and the man in the video was never identified.

It puzzles Deborah as to why someone would do this at her child’s birthday party.

Deborah says this isn’t the first time they’ve had trouble in the neighborhood.

She says during Christmas, the family’s cord to their Christmas lights outside was cut.

That’s why they installed security cameras.

Port St. Lucie Police say charges for something like this vary on the situation, but a trespassing charge would apply.

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