Protestors caravan to Mar-a-Lago to show disappointment in Hurricane Maria response

Advocates are commemorating the lives lost during Hurricane Maria, while also showing their disappointment with how the Trump Administration handled the natural disaster in Puerto Rico. (WPEC)

Demanding justice for Puerto Rico.

That message was very visible today in South Florida after a caravan of cars traveled from Broward County to Mar-a-Lago.

CBS 12 road along, and spoke to advocates who feel the Trump Administration did not do enough to help Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria.

“It’s important, so we can advocate for those on the island who cannot advocate for themselves,” Gena Batista said.

Batista has deep roots in Puerto Rico, and has relatives who live there. Watching Hurricane Maria unfold was devastating for her.

“I got so angry and so fed up with the response and the lack thereof,” Batista said.

A reason Batista and others are driving from Hollywood, Florida to Mar-a-Lago with music blaring, and people proudly holding Puerto Rico’s flag.

Protestors hope to bring attention to the victims lives lost, and their disappointment with how the Trump Administration handled the crisis.

“The Trump Administration just has not done enough and has treated Puerto Ricans like second class citizens,” Greg Batista said.

To bring that message to the president, the caravan drove up I-95 and to Mar-a-Lago, where they circled around the Winter White House.

President Trump has been criticized for saying that the Hurricane Maria response was an incredible success.

But reports show much of the U.S. territory was without power for weeks, and that the disaster resulted in thousands of lives lost.

And advocates want Washington to know the recovery in Puerto Rico is still not over.

“We have to help them with health care, we have to help them with education. There are so many different things that even before the hurricane that even before the hurricane they really needed help with, and now even more so,” Batista said.

In response to the criticism, Trump says the outdated electric grid and geography made efforts more difficult.

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