Prosecution rests in Dippolito retrial


Prosecutors rested their case Tuesday morning in the third murder-for-hire trial of Dalia Dippolito. The defense then started calling witnesses.

Dippolito is charged with hiring an undercover officer to kill her husband Mike in 2009.

Her 2011 conviction and 20-year sentence were overturned over the way the jury was selected.

Dippolito's retrial in December ended with a hung jury.

Now in the third trial, Dippolito's defense team again accuses Boynton Beach Police of mishandling the case, even manufacturing the crime for the benefit of the COPS television show.

Defense attorneys Tuesday first called to the stand a former Boynton Beach Police sergeant, who was part of the Dippolito investigation.

Frank Ranzie said his former department made serious mistakes that compromised the case.

He said if confidential informant, former Dippolito lover Mohamed Shihadeh, no longer wanted to participate, detectives should have dropped him.

Ranzie said not recording all phone calls with the informant was another problem.

Ranzie also discussed the fact a restaurant conversation between Dippolito and Shihadeh, was not recorded due to malfunctioning equipment.

The informant, Shihadeh, is expected to testify later in the trial.

Prosecutors rested after three days of testimony from their witnesses.

On Monday, jurors heard from the lead detective and undercover officer Dippolito is accused of hiring. Prosecutors also read jurors sometimes racy texts between Dippolito and another lover, designed to show her alleged intent to ruin her husband.

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