Proposal for golf course expansion in Wellington rejected

Proposal for golf course expansion in Wellington rejected. (WPEC)

Wellington City Council members made a late-night decision to turn down a proposal that would transform two private golf courses into areas for public use.

More than 500 residents showed up to the meeting Monday in opposition to the plan. Due to the huge number of participants, the meeting ended around 3:00 a.m.

The developer of the Palm Beach Polo Golf and Country Club and Polo West, submitted a proposal to expand the golf courses to field and equestrian sports for the public. This would add additional roads and entrances through the gated communities.

“Adding an additional road off of Greenview Shores is right near the high school”, explained Charlie’s Gunther, a Polo West resident. “It’s a very dangerous road right now with all the kids, and adding that road would add additional traffic, congestion and potentially impact our children."

Developer Glenn Straub who created the proposal initially said every person who enters the communities will be screened, and it’s a necessary expansion because less people are playing golf.

His attorney, Alexander Domb, said, “the golf use has been in place since 1972, and so it's time to expand that in light of the dying nature of the golf industry”.

In the end, the proposal was rejected.

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