Professional cuddling now a growing online service

Professional cuddling now a growing online service (WPEC)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (WPEC) - It’s an unusual job that’s on the rise - people getting paid to cuddle.

“We can sit in this area right here,” Sundria Sam said.

Sam said she is a professional cuddler with a company called Cuddlist, which provides cuddlers to clients all over the U.S. and Canada.

Sam said she’s been a professional cuddler for two years now.

“At that time, I had lost my spouse, my mom, my dad in the same year and my family pet," she said. "I was just feeling isolated and alone and in need human connection."

Sam said most of her cuddle sessions take place in her home.

“Basically what happens in a cuddle session is whatever the individual would like to happen in that session within our code of conduct,” she said.

Sam said there are strict rules for cuddlers and their clients' behavior that make it so that nothing sexual can happen.

“I had a gentleman that told me that he had a closer intimate bond with me than any person he has ever had sex with in his life,” she said.

Sam said while some of her clients enjoy human touch, others are looking for good company they may be lacking in their lives.

“I’ve had a cuddle session where an individual just wanted to share their personal space with and the intimate time with me and we actually played a board game,” she said.

Sam describes her sessions as completely safe because Cuddlist screens all clients and she chooses who she works with.

“I have clients who are pastors," she said. "I have clients who are professional athletes."

Sam says it's rewarding to see her clients happy after they hug it out.

“To leave from the session feeling valued and validated - that’s awesome,” she said.

According to her Cuddlist profile page, Sam gets paid about $80 an hour to cuddle.

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