Problem with a possum: Woman calls 911 for rodent in her home

Woman calls 911 after possum breaks into bedroom. (PBSO)

A Lantana woman is recovering from a problem with a 'possum.

Saturday she had an odd request for 911 dispatchers--to get a possum out of her bedroom.

CBS12 just got the 911 call from the funny encounter.

“ I don’t know how to explain this I’m a single woman, I’m 53 years old I think it’s a possum,” said Dagne “Dee” Kuiper in the call.

Kuiper found the surprise in her nightstand.

She says she came across an opossum in her home the night before, but she was OK with that one.

“It was so cute last night he’s little but I don’t know if it’s the same one now,” Kuiper said to the dispatcher.

But the one in her nightstand made itself too comfortable and she said it peed on her bed.

The dispatcher did her best to keep Kuiper calm, but even she couldn’t hold in her laughter.

She was able to her sense of humor too.

“The one time I needed a man in my life is right now. What do I do with him the other four days?” said Kuiper in the call.

Luckily for Kuiper, an officer was able to come and remove the opossum.

She says it didn’t have rabies, but she’s still looking for that man to help her out at least one day a week.

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