Preparing your home and garden for possible freeze

Preparing your home and garden for a possible freeze. (WPEC) 

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (WPEC) - Now is the time to prepare your home and garden for cold temperatures.

Home Depot management will decide in the next few hours whether to move hundreds of plants inside.

Succulents and citrus will be moved indoors first.

“Right now, we are waiting to see if it gets a little colder. If it dips in the low 30s, we will bring in plants that could be harmed by frost,” store manager Jason Tibbs said.

Tibbs says people at home can use a tarp.

“You don’t want the tarp to touch the plant itself. If it’s touching the leaves, the leaves can freeze. So, you want to support it with some sort of wooden stakes,” Tibbs said.

Tibbs says the tarp prevents cold air from getting close to the plants.

It’s also advised to water your plants before a freeze.

“The more water in the plants, the more resistant they’re going to be to wind and frost damage, they’re going to have more heat in them,” Tibbs said.

For your home, Tibbs says the ground will not get cold enough to worry about pipes freezing like up north.

“The ground temperature's high enough and your house temperatures is high enough where you do not have to worry about any splitting pipes. Just make sure if you have a fireplace, your flue is closed, so you’re not losing hot air,” Tibbs said.

If you are concerned, it is advised to shut off your sprinklers and leave your faucet dripping.

If you have a pool, be sure to run your pool pump continuously, when temperatures are near or below freezing.

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