Power almost shut off at Indian River Mall

Indian River Mall pays bill to avoid a shutdown. (WPEC)

Vero Beach City Manager Jim O'Connor tells CBS12, that the owners of Indian River Mall, Kohan Retail Investment Group based in Long Island, New York, own 23 other malls around the country.

However, their power bill at Indian River Mall was three months overdue. The group last paid back in September, but the $65,000 check bounced, giving the city no other option. They told the group, pay the amount in full or else the power would be shut off.

"$428,175.02," says Vero Beach City Manager Jim O'Conner. "They paid in full, and that covers the deposit and past due payments."

A $200,000 deposit covers the mall for the next two months. Shoppers we talked with Wednesday morning say they were disappointed it even got to that point.

"I think it's a shame to be honest with you," says shopper Caitlin Wymer. "If you know you have a bill coming up you need to pay it."

O'Conner says big box stores like Macy's and Dillard's have power bills included in the rent.

It's the smaller stores inside the mall operated by locals that would have suffered the most if the power was shutoff.

O'Conner also says the mall has had 3 different owners in the past 5 years, but he doesn't expect any problems moving forward.

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