Port St. Lucie man, 60, breaks Guinness World Record

Port St. Lucie man, 60, breaks Guinness World Record (WPEC)

Steve Salmasian has been working for years to break a Guinness World Record and he finally did it.

“Just keep going," he said. "You keep pushing until you get it. If you want something bad enough, you'll get it."

On Oct. 8, the 60-year-old man did 72 diamond push-ups in one minute, breaking the previous Guinness World Record.

“Seventy-two and they counted everyone one of them,” Salmasian said.

The process wasn’t easy.

Salmasian had to have about eight people with him to witness and prove that he broke the record. A few days after he completed the challenge, he submitted all the slow motion video and all the witness statements.

A week later, he found out he was the new record holder.

Salmasian showed exactly how the push-ups had to be done.

“I put my hands in a diamond. The rules are you have to have all your fingers touching diamond position, you can't lift up your thumbs or fingers or separate them," he said. "You have to go back, legs have to be straight. No more than shoulder width apart. Body has to be straight. I always move my hands down a little bit because it gets in front of your chest, that's the rules.”

Salmasian’s wife said she was so proud of his accomplishments and so were his two trainers, Jake and Brett Benedix from Big BB in Port St. Lucie.

However, this was not something Salmasian got on the first try. At first, he tried to break the world record for knuckle push-ups, but failed.

“I did 94, but I got declined because I didn't go up all the way on all of them," he said. "I went all the way down, but not all the way up."

Then he tried the diamond push-ups.

“That came more natural to me," Salmasian said. "Felt really good."

But he was declined for the world record for diamond push-ups on his first attempt. For his next attempt, he made sure he was 100 percent ready and his hard work paid off.

When Salmasian was told he was the new record holder, he said he was overwhelmed.

“I was crying, jumping up and down," he said. "Did my little dance, just running outside yelling and screaming. Woke my mom up and she said, 'You're my champion.'”

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