Dog stolen from Petco recovered

11-year-old Teddy was returned to his owner Tuesday morning.

UPDATE: Teddy, the dog stolen while at a Petco store in Palm Beach Gardens, has been recovered and returned to his home.

Teddy's owner, Tara Harris, has confirmed she has "Teddy in hand." The dog was returned early Tuesday morning according to Harris. Teddy is described as "wobbling, and shaking" so he is being taken to an emergency vet for observation.

This story will be updated as new information becomes available. The original story appears below.

Police have identified a person of interest in the theft of a dog from a Petco store in Palm Beach Gardens.

The person is nowhere to be found and neither is the dog, which is diabetic and needs medication.

What was supposed to be a routine grooming appointment Saturday at the Petco store on Legacy Avenue has turned into a disaster for one pet owner.

A stranger has her dog and she’s determined to get it back.

“Teddy! Ted!” shouted Tara Cameron-Harris as she checked the edge of the parking lot at the Mangonia Park Tri-Rail station Monday evening.

Cameron-Harris of Palm Beach Gardens just wants to find Teddy, her 11-year-old male Maltese-Yorkie mix.

Police have named Heather Ryan, 48, of Palm Beach Gardens, as a person of interest, saying she may have stolen the dog from Petco Saturday night.

“You haven’t by chance seen a small little blonde dog have you? About this big? His name is Teddy, he goes by Teddy,” Cameron-Harris asked some Tri-Rail passengers.

Palm Beach Gardens police say Ryan’s belongings were found abandoned at the Cypress Creek Tri-Rail station in Broward County. So Tara is searching Tri-Rail stations, holding out hope Teddy may have been dumped at one.

“Have you seen a small dog walking around? No small dog? Okay. We’re looking for a small dog that might’ve been dropped off here,” she told a cab driver at the Mangonia Park Tri-Rail station.

Cameron-Harris says Teddy is totally blind, diabetic and needs two insulin shots a day.

Without his shots, she doesn’t know how much longer he’ll survive.

“The idea of him just wandering around somewhere is terrifying ‘cause he cannot see where he’s going,” Cameron-Harris said.

She says her 3-year-old daughter misses Teddy and stares at the photo of Ryan, wondering what would motivate her to steal her dog.

“I have no idea who this person is. I’ve never seen her in my life," Cameron-Harris said. "It’s more than I can express in words right now. I just want to jump out of my skin and search all of Palm Beach County myself."

She hopes whoever has Teddy will drop him off at a safe location. She is considering hiring a private investigator.

But Cameron-Harris says because the dog is diabetic, they’re running out of time and Teddy can only go a few days without insulin.

Anyone with information is asked to call Palm Beach Gardens Police at 561-799-4445.

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