Police: No threat to Omni Middle School in Boca Raton

Police: No threat to Omni Middle School in Boca Raton. (BRPD)

Boca Raton Police confirm there is no threat to Omni Middle School after receiving calls from concerned parents.

Police say the Palm Beach County School District sent a robo call to parents alerting them of a possible threat.

Here's the message:

Good morning. This is Dr. Sanders, Instructional Superintendent for South Region Middle Schools. I’m calling to give you an update for Omni Middle School.

It’s business as usual this morning at the school, and we have plenty of extra police officers to make sure kids feel safe.

I want to clarify the rumors about a shooting threat to the school. They were unfounded by law enforcement but the student made a bad decision with the types of things he said and it warranted discipline, but not a criminal charge. If it had been determined to be a direct threat to the school, rest assured he would have been arrested.

The student is not on campus today as a result of his decision.

I’m sure you can understand the student’s privacy is protected, and we can’t go into details about the discipline. But we are confident that though his behavior was inappropriate and immature, it was not a threat to school.

Thank you. There is no required of you at the end of this message. Have a wonderful day.

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