Pivotal clue in fatal hit-and-run case found at a Broward body shop

CBS 12 reporter Maxine Bentzel speaks with Sonny Scheinberg, whose brother was killed in a hit-and-run crash in Boca Raton. (Scheinberg family)

A major break in the case of a deadly hit-and-run.

The car suspected in the death of a motorcyclist has been found in a body shop in Broward.

CBS 12 spoke to the sister of the victim about this development.

One step closer to closure.

And remember, this was a very unusual situation.

FHP says the driver stopped, stayed on scene for a while as paramedics were there, but left before law enforcement showed up.

"The detective called me and let me know that they got the car involved, I was speechless, I believe I started crying," said Sonny Scheinberg visibly emotional, but encouraged, because Florida's Highway Patrol is making progress bringing the person responsible for her brothers death to justice.

"You have made this so much more hard than it had to be," Scheinberg said to the camera, talking to the suspect still out there.

36-year-old Kevin Scheinberg is dead and gone since September 2nd.

FHP says he was on his motorcycle, riding in the night on I 95, South of Yamato Road in Boca Raton. A car veered into his lane and knocked him off the bike.

FHP says the car was captured on dash cam video.

Even though it's hard to make out , FHP said they were looking for a Chrysler 200.

And FHP released a likeness of the man who was at the wheel.

FHP says the car was found today at a body shop in Broward County, no further details.

They say the investigation continues.

Sonny says the holidays will be hard without her brother, but as the facts of that night become known Sonny says her family can grieve instead of wonder, and wait.

Kevin was amazing, he was the most pure, good soul you could ever meet?" Scheinberg said.

FHP says investigators are still trying to figure out who was at the wheel of the car, but having the car as evidence is pivotal.

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