Pistol-packing pizza delivery driver shoots robber

Pistol-packing pizza delivery driver shoots the robber. (WPEC)

Sunday night, Goodfella’s Pizza got a call for a delivery at a home on 17th Street in Fort Pierce.

When John Parker, the driver, got to the home, he realized it was vacant and decided to leave. When he was driving on 17th Street to head back to the store, he said someone flagged him down.

“So I thought it was just a mistake in the address,” said Parker.

Parker said he walked out of his car to give the man the pizza and get the money.

“I wasn't really paying attention because he was being cool at first,” said Parker.

That’s when he said the man, later identified as 25-year-old Marvin Reaves, pulled a gun on him and demanded money.

“I knew I had to defend myself. I didn't have a weapon on me at the time,” said Parker.

So Parker said he gave the man everything he had on him, $40.

“When I threw it down, I threw it everywhere. You know, and he's trying to get that and paying attention to that,” said Parker.

That gave Parker time to get to his car and get to his gun, which he kept on the floor of his passenger seat in a case.

“I was grabbing it out, loading it and then was shooting from right here in the corner of this door,” said Parker.

Parker hit Reaves three times, got in his car and called 911.

“You honestly feel bad after shooting somebody,” said Parker.

Reaves was later arrested for armed robbery at Lawnwood Medical Center.

Parker is not being charged since police said he acted in self-defense.

“It was a scary event,” said Parker. He continued, “thank God I was prepared.”

Parker said he just started carrying a gun two months ago.

Police later identified the gun used by Reaves as an airsoft pistol. However, they said it was tampered with to make it look like a real gun.

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