Perfect storm of mosquitos

Perfect storm of mosquitos. (WPEC)

It’s officially mosquito season.

The recent rain unleashed the mosquito flood gates.

If you haven’t noticed yet, you will.

Chris Reisinger with Palm Beach County Mosquito Control says thanks to the recent rain, it’s only going to get worse.

“As we all know, we had a lot of rain lately and that has triggered the start of mosquito season,” said Reisinger, an Environmental Analyst. “The mosquitos are here and we are planning to spray.”

Just take a look what the traps brought in.

Reisinger sifted through thousands of mosquitos collected in South County, an area that typically traps just a few hundred mosquitos.

“In western communities, we have definitely seen a huge increase in residential complaints,” added Reisinger. “Our phone is ringing off the hooks.”

So far this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms one case of travel related Zika and Malaria within Palm Beach County.

Reisinger says to prevent the spread of mosquito related diseases they are using every tool in their arsenal.

“We have a helicopter with all those spray rigs set up,” said Reisinger. “We also have several spray trucks to hit individual neighborhoods.”

Reisinger added people also need to do their part by removing any standing water on their property.

The wet weather and summer heat creates the perfect storm of mosquitos.

Mosquito control will be spraying by air west of Military Trail from county line to county line all the way to Belle Glade, Thursday night, weather permitting.

Experts also recommend using plenty of bug spray with the active ingredient Deet.

The health department has a website dedicated to mosquito prevention. You can also call 850-245-4444 with questions.

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