PBIA passengers impacted by grounding of Boeing planes

    President Trump grounds Boeing 737 Max 8, 9 jets. CBS12's Danielle Waugh reports. (WPEC)Thumbnail

    Passengers on an Air Canada flight out of Palm Beach International Airport had to abruptly deplane before take off Wednesday afternoon.

    Greg Evans, who was supposed to fly home to Toronto Wednesday, said passengers were originally told it was a maintenance issue.

    He later learned the Canadian government had ordered all Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9 jets to be grounded due to safety concerns.

    “They made the right decision because lives are more important than a flight taking off or a company making money,” Evans said.

    Shortly after that, President Donald Trump announced the U.S. would be grounding the same planes. The Boeing MAX planes have been involved in two fatal crashes in six months — the most recent in Ethiopia.

    Evans was able to book a new flight to Toronto our of Fort Lauderdale for Wednesday night.

    Other passengers have had to re-book for Thursday.

    “One day of inconvenience is worth the rest of your life,” said Lyne Jemmott, who was also on the cancelled Air Canada flight.

    She said she flew down to West Palm Beach for vacation on a Boeing 737 MAX 8 and didn’t have any concerns about her safety.

    But now she understands why the planes have been grounded.

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