Pathfinders Task Force flies to Houston

CBS 12 reporter Kristen Chapman on the Pathfinders Task Force flying to Houston. (WPEC)

A local non-profit is lending a helping hand to Hurricane Harvey flood victims in Houston.

The Pathfinders Task Force, based in West Palm Beach, took off from the Lantana Airport Thursday morning to provide disaster relief at First Presbyterian Church.

They plan to house thousands of people at the downtown church. The founder of the organization, Scott Lewis, explained, "It is high, dry, has electricity, has internet and is in good shape. It has a small school there too".

The group specializes in taking care of mass numbers of people who need to be rescued, fed and cared for. The Task Force combines their resources with FEMA and the National Guard.

Unsurprisingly, this isn't the first emergency disaster flight for the group. Lewis shared, "In Haiti we distributed more than two-million meal rations in eight days with an eight person management team".

Only this time, there are different issues the group needs to tackle. Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States. "It is catastrophic", said Lewis, "And our job is to help them help themselves.

The Pathfinders Task Force will send over a crew of about five people initially, but has bus-loads of supplies and volunteers on standby waiting to drive to Texas when needed.

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