Parkland survivor treated "like a criminal" after gun range visit

Stoneman Douglas High.JPG

A Parkland shooting survivor is now accusing his school of treating him ‘like a criminal,’ after he visited a gun range with his father.

Kyle Kashuv is one of the Parkland shooting survivors. He’s also become an anti-gun control spokesperson since the shooting.

But, after visiting a gun range with his father this weekend, he now says he’s being treated like a criminal at his own school.

Based on the pictures and videos Kyle posted on his twitter account, he shot an AR 15 and exercised his second amendment right for the first time last Friday.

But when he got back to school on Monday, he was called out for his actions and instructed to see the school's armed resource officer.

Kyle told the Daily Mail, his principal said he did not do anything wrong, but he was still interrogated by three different security officers inside the school.

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