Parkland students to embark on Road to Change tour

Parkland students to embark on Road to Change tour (WPEC)

For many students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, this summer won’t be about relaxing with friends at the beach.

It will be about a mission motivating people to vote in the midterms.

The students turned activists are literally going on tour and will be making more than 70 stops all over America.

They announced the tour’s kickoff Monday at Pine Trails Park.

It's symbolic because that location is also where Parkland’s very own March For Our Lives stepped off from.

“Real change is brought about through voting,” student leader Cameron Kasky said.

Students from Stoneman Douglas are about to embark on a road trip to incentivize people to register to vote and then cast their ballots in the midterm elections.

The students will hold events in major cities and travel by bus for two months, telling everyone they can reach to support candidates who support gun control.

“And so often, people will just vote for the letter in front of the name of the candidate, but we are encouraging people around the country to educate themselves on their vote," Kasky said.

The tour is called Road to Change.

Brendan Duff, the tour's media manager, is a sophomore at Elon University and is majoring in Strategic Communications. He graduated from Stoneman Douglas two years ago, but still has a little brother and friends who attend the school.

“I had to come back because it did happen here and I had to come back because it could happen anywhere,” he said.

Duff says one of the tour’s objectives is to hone in on the 4 million people in America who will turn 18 this year, encouraging them to pay attention, to listen to candidates, to exercise a right they may not have thought about or cared about until now.

“Making those connections in person are really what we’re focusing on to help motivate that,” Duff said.

The tour’s first stop is Chicago, a deliberate choice because of the gun violence in that city.

Events are in the works for June 15 and into that weekend in the Windy City.

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