Parent shook after loaded gun found in child's school

Parent shook after six-year-old brought gun onto school grounds. (WPEC)

School safety is once again under the microscope after a six-year-old at a local charter school brought a gun on school grounds.

One parent told CBS12 her five-year-old daughter was sitting next to the child who brought the gun to school.

“Considering my kids said they do not want to come back and they do not feel safe that was enough for me to just take them out completely,” said Lisa Marie.

Marie can’t wrap her mind around what just happened in her daughter’s classroom.

“She said that the boy brought the gun to school and it was in his backpack and it fell out and they didn’t get hurt,” Marie said.

Somerset Academy Lakes principal posted this message on the school’s website stating they secured the classroom, removed the children and called the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

“God forbid they would've kicked it the wrong way,” Marie said.

Florida law makes it illegal to leave a gun unsecured and available to minors.

CBS12 News found out the PBSO is interviewing the child’s father to find out who is responsible.

“There are plenty of people I know who have guns, but their kids don’t know they have guns in their house,” Marie said.

Marie said knowing a loaded gun was just feet away from her child is unacceptable.

“To know that that could’ve potentially hit her or another classmate that we do know it’s like I just don’t understand,” Marie said.

PBSO said the child who brought the gun claims he did not know the gun was in his backpack.

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