Palm Springs woman claims to have been victimized by Trump

Palm Springs woman claims to have been victimized by Trump

PALM SPRINGS (CBS12) - We are learning more about the Palm Springs woman that confessed to the Palm Beach Post that she was groped by Trump at his Palm Beach Club, Mar-a-Lago.

It was nearly a decade ago when Ken Davidoff brought Melinda McGillivray to assist with taking photos for Davidoff Photography at an event at Mar-a-Lago. It was during that event McGillivray and Ken are now telling the Palm Beach Post that Donald Trump grabbed her from behind.

“I think she just wanted to be in the limelight. She saw an opportunity to be in the limelight,” said Daryl Davidoff.

CBS 12 spoke to the current owners of Davidoff Photography. A Palm Beach Photography company that has taken photos at Mar-a-lago for decades. Daryl Davidoff said he is simply outraged his brother would release Trumps photos to the Post without permission. Daryl explained Ken was fired from the company years ago. He also questions the validity of the story.

“We absolutely do not condone or have anything to do with any of this. We did not release the photos. We did not give anyone the right to release the photos. We had no idea the photos were being sent out and we don’t believe a word of it,” said Daryl Davidoff.

We went to McGillivray’s Palm Springs home where she has lived on and off with her daughter and father, since filing bankruptcy in 2013. Debra Callaway lives across the street and has known McGillivray most of her life.

“I think it is legit. I think she is telling the truth. She hasn’t had a good life. I think that really did happen to her. I am sure there is someone she has told,” said Callaway.

The veracity of the story has come into question being that McGillivray has a troubled past and is just now coming forward. In 2012 she was arrested on DUI and child neglect charges. According to court records, McGillivray was also arrested at the age of 17 for grant theft and burglary after breaking into a palm beach county school. Attorney Adam Horowitz knows all too well how hard it is for victims of sexual assault to come forward.. He believes for some, Trump’s words were the flame that lit the match.

“I think the victims got enraged,” said Horowitz. “They saw Donald Trump was lying and not being honest with the public and decided to come forward.”

Horowitz’s believes more victims will come forward. He added these women will be challenged about their political and financial motives. In this case, the victim would be barred for filing a civil suit against Trump due to the statute of limitations.

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